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Made with love all what we do.

DF Architecture is a vibrant modest size design studio recognized for the successful place-making of commercial, multi-family residential, industrial buildings, TI projects, and large urban design projects. The DF team is committed to design excellence, sustainability, and providing memorable solutions to the client’s needs.



Each and every project at DFA is developed in its totality; wherein all the parts down to the smallest detail, receive equally dedicated attention. The specification and detailing that goes into every project is of utmost importance and is one of DFA’s most salient strengths. Offering an unmatched quality of finish and detailing, every single feature in a project is designed and considered.



Our purist works are a result of a pragmatic performance-driven approach to design rather than mere form innovation. We have realized over time, that very often the practical aspect of an idea can improve the aesthetic pleasure one gets from it. At DFA our buildings are planned from the inside out, where exterior forms are a result of interior spatial circulation and performance.


Jessie Arora.

After graduating from the reputed Chandigarh College of Architecture in 1988, Jessie started practising and built upon his experience by working with various individuals including BV Doshi, recipient of Padma Shri, the fourth-highest civilian award in India. With two other friends as partners, Jessie opened his own firm in Chandigarh and New Delhi, India and worked on architectural projects until 2001 when he moved to Vancouver with his wife and two children. The initial move was challenging, had to start from scratch but that was no deterrent in keeping aloof from plans and dreams. Jessie navigated his way constructively by starting off with building houses and shortly after, Jessie got his first break.

In 2010, Jessie went a step further and acquired a registration license to practice as an architect in Canada. This was the monumental curve in Jessie’s career that got him where he stands today.

Since its inception, DF Architecture has conceived a variety of projects ranging from residential to commercial and industrial developments that graciously contribute towards the occupant’s physical and psychological well-being. With a surge in technology and continuously evolving multi-faceted consumer experience, Jessie envisages to integrate user experience with the developer’s vision. By designing buildings that crown elegance with excellence and spaces that merge comfort with warmth and welcome.